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General Travel Information



Checked bags:

Typically the airline allows 1 free checked bag with a weight limit of 50 pounds not to exceed 62 inches in dimensions.


Carry-on bags:

You are allowed a carry-on bag plus one “personal” item.  Your carry-on must not exceed 40 pounds and 45 linear inches.  Personal item can be a purse or a backpack.


Be sure to put prescriptions, contacts, and a change of clothes in your carry-on.

Remember all liquids, gels, and aerosols in your carry-on cannot be greater than 3.4 ounces (container size) and must all fit in a one quart bag.


Note:  NO electronics / valuables should be checked, especially on your return trip.




You do not need ANY immunizations to go to the mountains of Southern Peru. Apparently no bugs live at that altitude!




We will purchase insurance on you that will cover you outside of the U.S. (We must have your DOB to purchase insurance) The insurance has a $100,000 medical limit with a $500 deductible. It’s through Galligher Insurance (or Adam’s and Associates, IMB insurance) and runs about $30/person.


Also included:

            $100.000 Medical Evacuation

            $ 25,000 Return of mortal remains (in case you really bug me)

            $100,000 AD&D

            $10,000 Medical / $100 deductible

            $1,000,000 Liability 


On the Home Front


Be sure and leave a copy of:

            Your itinerary

            Your travel insurance policy

            Your Passport

            Contact information



Expenses Not Covered



            Meals en route are different than what we will eat in the village. Most of what we eat in Lima and on the road will be similar to the fare you are accustomed to in the States. In the villages we will eat PERUVIAN! We won’t buy many groceries in Lima so we can purchase what we need from the stores in the village. Hopefully many of our meals will come from local women who are willing to cook for us.


Phone Cards:

            Magic Jack is an app that allows you to call internationally very cheaply. It works well in Lima. You can buy a phone card, but you are not guaranteed the minutes on the card. They run out quickly! We’ll have internet in Lima, so you can use Facetime, Facebook, or Skype to talk.


Shopping / Souvenirs:

You will have the opportunity to go to an Indian Market at some point during the trip (silver, leather, etc.).



In Lima:

            *Don’t go anywhere alone

            *Keep close watch on your bags/possessions

            *Don’t get in taxis we haven’t called for.  We will only use Taxi Green in

Peru.  DO NOT GET INTO A TAXI THAT ISN’T TAXI GREEN WITHOUT ANOTHER TEAM MEMBER! Shawn has an app that calls for a safe taxi. If with a Pope, it is ok to ride in a non-Taxi Green taxi.


On Site:

            *2 x 2 is always best

            *Be vigilant about your possessions and money. We don’t want to offer the

enemy any opportunity to create obstacles. If you are loose with your money and it is stolen, that will be a barrier in the village you are working in.

                *Don’t do anything foolish (stunts like riding on top of cargo in the back of

the truck, hanging off the mountain, getting in the river, etc.)

            *No fancy cameras or flashy Western gear. We aren’t trying to get

attention that way!


Travel Notes:

Wherever you go: KEEP UP WITH YOUR BAGS AND PASSPORT! Check to be sure you have everything when you leave security.  Do not leave bags unattended.



**Keep samples of immigration and customs form in your carry-on


Upon arrival in Lima:


Stay in your group through immigration, baggage, and customs.


When you exit customs, proceed through the crowd, stay in the airport and head towards the far end (past ticket counters, toward Duncan Donuts lower floor)


We’ll find the taxi drivers together to transport to Hotel Santa Cruz (or wherever you are headed…Hotel Habitat, IMB guest house, the Popes) after we pass through customs.


Carry your own bags.  If you hand your bag to anyone to load, be prepared to tip him.  Be sure to tip the bell/doorman at the hotel.  Have $1 for this. Don’t try to fight them for your bags. Remember, this is how they make their money and support their families.


Exchange of Money:


Do not change your money at the airport! The rates are horrible. We will find a cambista before we leave Lima. Also, do not exchange your soles back into dollars. I will purchase your soles. We both benefit that way and don’t lose any money. They do not change money that is creased or has a “C” in the serial number.

Safety Reminders:

Important Information for your safety and comfort


  1. It helps to memorize your passport number.

  2. Put copies of your passport in each bag.

  3. Keep your passport and your wallet on your person.

  4. Keep your personal bag connected to you.

  5. In a taxi, put your bag on the floor or in your lap with both hands on top. (luggage in back is o.k.)

  6. Lima is a city of 9 million; like any large city, crime is an issue.


In Lima, do not:

~ walk anywhere alone

~get in a taxi we have not called for

~carry anything that can be easily grabbed

~set anything down “just for a minute”

  1. Do not surrender your passport to a policeman or to any other “official”. If they insist on seeing it tell them all you have to give them is a copy.

  2. Do not give out money or “gifts” or make promises.  The promises part applies to the village as well.  We don’t want to promise anything we can’t do.  Neither do we want them to get ‘addicted’ to us!

  3. Use cash or credit cards but don’t carry a lot of cash.   IF YOU ARE USING A CREDIT CARD YOU MUST NOTIFY YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY.

  4. Drink only bottled water. We will buy plenty of water in Lima for the week.

Packing Information



Work Environment, Housing, Meals


The villages are very small. The houses are made out of adobe, which means dirt floors and walls. The streets are also all dirt. It will be dusty and dry. The weather will be pleasant during the day with lots of sunshine but very cold at night.


There will be no showers or indoor bathrooms. As soon as the orphanage is completed this will change, but for now, it’s all outside!


Meals: bring instant oatmeal or granola bars and Propel drink mix.  In the mornings there will be hot water to make your breakfast.  At lunch there is bread (and cheese) available in the tiendas. We can buy a lot of things in Lima. I’ll let you buy one food item per person in Lima without question. Also, we like to bring Hormel Beef Stew to cook one night.




Sturdy/comfortable shoes – hiking or tennis

Jeans or cargo pants – 3 pair

Shirts – long and short sleeve

Socks / underwear – enough for every day

Fleece or sweatshirt



Warm sleeping bag / clothes (0 – 20 degrees)


Toiletries and toilet paper

Sunscreen and chap stick

Wet wipes

Hand sanitizer

Soap / shampoo

Altitude sickness medicine

Dry packets of propel (something in this helps with the altitude)

Beef Stew in a can: one per person

Passport and copies in EVERY BAG and ONE ON YOU

Bible / journal / pen


Small flashlight


Book or cards to pass time



          Moderate during the day (60’s) with lots of sun

          Very cool at night – immediately at sundown

General Costs


Tickets can range anywhere from $400-$1200. I know that's a huge variance! We work to get the cheapest possible price. We promise!

A Budget

After airfare we tell everyone to budget for $50-60 a day for expenses.  That includes all transportation costs (minus airfare), all food (in Lima and in the village), and all housing expenses (in Lima and in the village). Here is what you can expect about expenses in Lima:


  1. Transportation from airport to hotel in Miraflores or the Pope’s house…$50 for the van divided by the # of people in the group...$25 for a group of 3 or less...$30 for larger groups per vehicle

  2. Housing...$200 for the Popes (or more, depending on the size of the group), $200 for our stay in the village

  3. Meals…breakfast the morning of departure for village...supper the day of return from village back to Lima...two meals the day of return to the U.S. Three meals per day in the village. These meals will consist of the food we buy in Lima and transport, the food we buy in the village, and the food that is cooked for us by the villagers. We will eat well!

  4. Transportation from Lima to field of service: this will be in a van with a good friend of ours. We will all travel together.


Sub-totals…..for one week:

*Some of these costs are totals for the group and others are broken up per person. The group prices will vary depending on the size of the group.


  1. Airport p/u & delivery……$  $50/trip

  2. housing in Lima………………. $200

  3. meals in Lima…………………. $50/person

  4. transportation to field…..  $1000

  5. housing in village…………... $200

  6. meals in village………………  $50/person

  7. Insurance………………………. $30/person

  8. Parking in US…………………. $30

  9. Souvenirs………………………. $100/person

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