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Stephen's House Peru is in the process of becoming a registered 501(c)(3).
Any donation over $100 will receive a tax deduction letter at the end of the calendar year.


Our work in Peru is completely impossible apart from your prayers and our faithful Father's answers. Will you support our ministry through your continued prayers?




We could not exist without the presence of ministry partners throughout the dry season in the mountains (April to November). Each trip costs $1800/person. Will you consider joining us on the field?

Corporate Support

One aspect of giving we have seen work very well is an American business 'adoptiing' the work of Stephen's House Peru. This can take many shapes, but a common one is for the business to adopt a construction project. We are constantly in need of new construction. Whether it is a new site being developed or a former site being updated we would love to talk with you about a partnership. . 

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